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Quickie Xtender Power Assist

Quickie Xtender Power Assist
 Product Purpose:
There are some cases where a wheelchair user routinely encounters environments or terrain in their daily living that can be exhausting and difficult to negotiate with a manual wheelchair. Perhaps the person lives on a hill or has to traverse a hill in their daily travels. These types of scenarios may eventually limit the person's range of freedom and independence.By turning that person's manual wheelchair into a power chair with the Quickie Xtender, the power assistance can reduce the owner's fatigue. They won't tire as quickly because they will not have to manually roll propel the wheels themselves. Less fatigue for the user means they may be able to go farther and become more mobile. And on those hill scenarios mentioned earlier? The Xtender provides what Quickie calls "Rollback assistance." This feature helps keep the chair from rolling backwards on a hill thanks to the motors propulsion.The wheelchair user still pushes the wheels on their chair, like a regular manual wheelchair. The power assistance motor assists in the propulsion of the chair. The Xtender system makes the user's push more efficient and effective, by making the chair move further with less effort. Some people prefer the look and feel of their manual wheelchair because it's what they have grwon accustomed to, so the Xtender solution meets that need.
 Comfort Features:
Fold-down Captain’s back seat with a solid pan base allows for the addition of a cushion for general use, skin protection, or positioning cushion for users with moderate seating and positioning needs.
Seats are height adjustable from 20" to 23".
Removable armrests with adjustable height and width are great for positioning and support and are adaptable to size and need of user.
Flip-up armrests allow for easy transfers and access to client without having to remove the arm assembly.
Padded arm rests offer comfort plus durability.
Rear anti-tip wheels for added safety.
Footplate can be flipped up out of user’s way and adjusted in height and angle.
Seat back storage pouch, handy storage for any take-along items for user or caregiver.
Standard positioning belt for added user security.
 Product Features and Benefits:
Quickie XTender Power Assist Features in Summary:
The power assistance strengthens the force the user applies to the wheelchair handrims
User still enjoys the benefit of quick-release wheels that they have benefited from on their traditional manual wheelchair
Stores and transports like a traditional manual wheelchair
The power-assist units in the wheels are elctronically synchronized so that the chairs propels straight
Power assistance battery is light
User does not have to program the power assist wheels in any way
Handrim grip accommodates people with poor hand dexterity
Helps the user go farther with less effort and exhaustion
Makes climbing hills or traversing other difficult terrain like grass and dirt paths easier
"Rollback" assistance for hill climb helps prevent the chair from rolling backwards on hills
Looking for detailed specifications when you shop? Here they are.Quickie XTender Power Assist Specifications:
Available/Compatible with Quickie 2, GT, GTi, and GP Series
Product Weight: Approx. 35 lbs. off-chair
Product Width: 11" - 22" seat width
Product Length/Depth: 10" - 20" seat depth
Product Height: 18" seat to floor
Product Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
Overall Width 20.25"- 30.75"
Caster Options 4", 5", 5 x 1.5", 6", 6 x 1.5", 8", 8 x 2"
Rear Wheel Size: 24"
Important Note: Wheelchair is not included. XTender includes everything needed for first time use (tires, tubes, handrims, axels, battery, charger).
 Pros and Cons:Testers found the product reliable, but calling for support took some effort. You may find the expense of replacement parts considerable too. When you shop for this product, talk to your sales person about their process to follow if you ever need replacement parts. Also, get a sense of what they would charge for those parts should you need them one day.The main part to be concerned about for replacement is the battery. The chair is well-built, but the battery, as with most products, is what has the shortest lifespan. Make sure you ask your salesperson what the battery and chargers cost in case you need to replace them one day. They typically cost in the hundreds of dollars.Consider using the Quickie Xtender with pneumatic tires only. Solid inserts seemed to put extra pressure on the spokes and hubs, which can cause them to break.The Quickie Xtender is easy to control, and it definitely takes the exertion off of the user's shoulders. As it claims, you can go farther, and up hills, etc., with much less physical effort.
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