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Pride Go-Chair Travel

Pride Go-Chair Travel
Just like the Go-Go travel scooters, this Power Chair is highly portable and can be disassembled and reassembled easily. It can be dismantled into 4 easy to manage pieces, including taking the battery out that will fit into most cars the seat is not foldable which would have really made this even easier to transport but can be strapped onto the backseat of a car. It is not really recommended to travel massive distances between the shops as it isn’t as padded as the more expensive wheelchairs. If you travel with a spouse who can help you this is a great power chair.
 Small Turning Radius:This has one of the smallest turning radii we have seen, at just 22.5 inches. A small turning radius is essential for being useful indoors and around the home. It also makes riding this power chair around the shopping aisles a lot easier as you can maneuver around other customers and in tight spaces.
 Thin Frame:
When we say thin frame, we mean the overall width is really small. It only has a width of 21 inches so has room either side for going through normal width doorframes and doesn’t make as much of a footprint when not in use. Of course you could always dismantle it when not in use if you need to save space.
 Battery Range:The one charge mileage is approximately 10 miles, dependent on terrain of course. If you are lighter than the 250 pound weight capacity you may get more miles out of it. If you need a chair for longer journeys or expect to be going further than around 10 miles you will need to look elsewhere, possibly at the Pride Jazzy.
 Competitive Pricing:
Pricing on this chair is extremely competitive when you compare to other electric wheelchairs, it can be up to 500 dollars cheaper than comparable chairs but still offers a good overall performance for general use.
 Joystick Drive:The joystick is not completely weight-free and wouldn’t be comfortable operated by thumb alone. It is situated on end of the right arm rest and only comes with the right hand drive.
We have tried to split up the specifications into easy to manage sections, make sure you use the scooter dimensions to measure up your house if you plan on using it indoors.
Click the pictures below for more information.
 Weight:Weight Capacity 250 lbs.
Weight (base) 57 lbs.
Weight (seat) 30 lbs.
Weight (battery) 20 lbs.
 Dimensions:Seat Width 18″
Seat Depth 18″
Seat-to-Floor Height 20.5″
Overall Length 30″
Overall Width (at base) 18.5″
Overall Width (between arms) 23.5″
 Ride Information:Drive Wheels 8″ Solid
Front Casters 5″ solid
Anti-Tip Wheels 3″ solid
Maximum Speed 3.5 mph
Ground Clearance 1.75″
Turning Radius 22.5″
Driving Range 10 miles
 Batteries and Electronics:Batteries 2 12volt.12Ah, 12260 Sealed Gel Battery
Battery Charger 2 amp off-board
Weight (battery) Battery Pack 20 lbs. x1
Electronics 50 amp PG VSI
 Pride Go-Chair Features:Fits into most trunks in 4 manageable pieces makes this wheelchair ultra portable for days out.
Twin motors for traction and precision handling meaning you get lots of control and maneuverability in tight corners and trajectories
Easy-to-remove battery makes charging very easy and allows you to quickly pack up if necessary.
There are two colors available and these are Red and Blue.
 Customer Positives:One of the things customers said stood out about this electric wheelchair is its ability to make really tight turns and have a very smooth feel once they got used to riding it. The other thing customers liked is the suitability for indoor use. Given that it is a has a relatively small width which makes it practical for riding through doorways.
 Customer Negatives:Something that one or two customers have picked up on is the reduced mileage that comes with riding up inclines or outdoors on rough terrain. However if looking for a great indoor scooter with outdoor capabilities such as trips round shops then the Go-Chair fulfills all the requirements.
 Summary:To quickly summarize this is a very good scooter for indoor use due to its small width and tight turning radius. However it also has the great portability that is associated with Go mobility aids from Pride mobility as it disassembles into 4 light pieces.
If you want a good general electric wheelchair with the ability for trips round the supermarket or small places then the Pride Go-Chair Travel Power Wheelchair is one you should add to your list of considerations.
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