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Compass Sport

When it comes to both indoor and outdoor travel, the Golden Compass Sport is an ideal electric wheelchair due to its simple design and high level of maneuverability. The design of the chair easily accommodates many users with its level of comfort, combined with a simple joystick for maximum directional control whether in your home or at the store.

The captain’s seat is height adjustable and presented in a two-tone gray, while the motor cover comes in your choice of red or blue. The armrests are width adjustable, allowing up to six inches more seating space. In addition, the footplate is adjustable for both height and angle to provide you with the desired amount of comfort.

Vehicle control and performance are key features of any power wheelchair, and the Compass Sport is no different. The Compass Sport operates on a Dynamic Shark 60-Amp controller, which means greater sensitivity and responsiveness when moving about. For tight corners and narrow hallways, this device is capable of making 19.5-inch turns. It utilizes a six-wheel design, making use of two powered wheels and four stabilizing 360-degree wheels for added balance and control in use.

Batteries are a key feature of any powered wheelchair, and the range they offer ultimately determines how often you'll need to recharge the device. The Compass Sport comes with two large batteries for traveling up to 11 miles on a full charge. That makes this chair an ideal device for active users who love being out and about with the mobility and convenience provided by these chairs. The batteries provide a top speed of up to four miles per hour, which is a rather aggressive pace for covering most any distance in a hurry.

When it comes to finding a well-rounded automatic wheelchair, the Compass Sport is one of the more popular devices. It proves quite simple in design and purpose, though the mobility it provides for both indoor and outdoor usage appeals to many active users. The drive range of the battery, combined with the comfortable design of the chair, means this is one of the best wheelchair devices for everyday use.

Weight Capacity: 300 lb
Overall Length: 39"
Overall Width: 24"
Range: 11,4 mi
Top Speed: 4,1 mph
Turning Radius: 19,5"
Ground Clearance: 1,5"
Weight, Total: 182 lb
Weight, Base: 92 lb
Weight, Seat: 43 lb
Weight, Batteries: 44 lb
Minimum Seat Height: 21"
Maximum Seat Height: 23"
Drive Wheels: 10" Flat Free
Caster Wheels: 6" Flat Free
Controller Type: Dynamic Shark, 60 Amp Remote
Charger Type: Off-board
Battery Type: U-1 x2
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